Ade Putra Safar Bin Fuad

partthreepics9Ade's reflections on his residency:

"The flight was really long as we took a Taipei stopover flight to Tokyo. Upon arriving at Tokyo, we took a train from the airport to Shinjuku, then to Kichijōji. Kichijōji was the first non–city like area that I have been to in Tokyo and that's where we spent most of the time buying art materials and daily necessities in Tokyo. It was about twenty minutes by bicycle from the residency space we were staying at. Youkobo Art Space was the first residency I have ever participated in. The experience there was really magnificent. We were showered with T.L.C. (“Tender Loving Care”) from the Muratas during our stay at Youkobo Art Space. We were invited to studio openings, VIP opening nights, and loads of art tours around the city. We travelled and explored Tokyo by car and train, witnessing breathtaking views and scenery around the city.

The cityscape of Singapore comprises many different infrastructures and conveniences, similar to the city of Tokyo. Tokyo is known to be one of the world’s leading financial centres. Many in the populace have associated the city with noise, crowds, speed, and even clutter. Investigating this interest towards order within clutter in a cosmopolitan city, there are two elements that are evidently inseparable in my body of works: structure and mass. Influenced by my Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) personality, I tend towards obsessive tidiness and order. My daily struggles with this disorder are characterised by sudden urges to arrange clutter and mess. Unfortunately, since I am not able to instil order to my surroundings, I have decided to embrace the disorder through my artistic practice. I hope to relate this issue to society, by portraying experiences that have impacted my daily life and surroundings. During this residency, I managed to execute three different works: a collage work, a video documentation, and an installation work using found materials."
2012–2013    BFA (2nd Class Honours), LASALLE College Of The Arts, Singapore, with
Goldsmiths, University of London
2006–2009   Diploma in Fine Arts, LASALLE College Of The Arts, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013     Found, MoCA@Loewen (Museum of Contemporary Arts), Singapore
2013     Hospice is…, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
2013     City Dwellers: Urbanites of Tokyo, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
2013     Mosque, National Library Board, Singapore
2013     Colours of Our Generation, George Town Arts Festival, Penang, Malaysia
2013     Cross Encounters, Japanese Creative Centre, Singapore
2013     Bank Art Fair, Island Shangri-la Hotel, Hong Kong
2013     Audi A3 Sportsback Youth Design Collaboration, Audi Fashion Festival,
2013     Artist for an affordable art store, Culture Square, Singapore
2012     Pulse, Maya Gallery, Singapore
2012     MinimART 3.0, The Substation, Singapore
2012     Pameran Poskad, Viridian Arts House, Singapore
2011     The Arts Market, Fill your Walls Gallery, Singapore
2009     Depict, Metamorphosis, Campus Green, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
2009     Sheyps For Peace, Campus Green, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
2008     Snappy Close-Ups, Praxis Space, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
2007     Ripcord, Project Space, LASALLE College of the Arts
2007     Departure Hall, Main Stage, LASALLE College of the Arts
2007     Vitamins A,B,C, Project Space, LASALLE College of the Arts

Artist Residencies
2013     Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

Arts-Related Working Experience
2013     Gallery Assistant, Lost to the Future: Contemporary Art from Central Asia,
Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Singapore
2013     Tropical Ambassador, 7th Tropical Lab, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
2013     Production Assistant, Verite Productions, Singapore
2013     Gallery Assistant for The LASALLE Show 2013, Institute of Contemporary Arts
Singapore, Singapore
2013       Exhibitor Assistant, Pipeline Magazine Hong Kong, Art Stage 2013
2012–2013 Gallery Assistant, Michael Janssen Gallery, Singapore
2012–2013  Image Supervisor Assistant for UK/Irish/Singapore co-produced movie
Mister John
2012–2013  Imaging Assistant for Mannequin Display, BYSI Singapore
2009       Participating Artist for “Stroke of Genius” TV Promo, Mooi Productions,
BBC London
2008       Artist Assistant to Paulo W. Tamburella, Singapore Biennale 2008, Singapore
2008       Installation & De-installation Crew, ArtSingapore 2008
2006       Production Assistant for Tiger Live Commercial, Minds & Media
2006       Editing Assistant, Minds & Media, Singapore

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