Aya Murakami

ayamurakami03Aya's thoughts about her residency at INSTINC:

"What does the world look like through the eyes of a fish? 

Fishes spend their lives seeing distorted scenes. Similarly, scenes that we see may have appearances different than meets our eyes. When I lie down in the mountains where light cannot reach, I slip into a sensation as if I were being absorbed into the night. That feeling is similar to when I gaze at a painting, and feel swallowed by the storm of brushstrokes. During such moments, I realise that I have been released from all physical sensation.

Once at a museum, my eyes caught a primary-coloured resin model of human pulmonary blood vessels. Different from the version often found in illustrated encyclopedias, that intricate model resembled a plant or coral. I imagined the tree-like forms with countless branches concealed deep inside my chest, and realised that at “this precise moment”, I am respiring in the same way that trees do in forests.

On one occasion, I looked down at a city nightscape from a descending plane. As the shining, orange-coloured cityscape grew closer, I saw an aggregate of lights created from the many curved lines crawling on the earth’s surface that ceaselessly flowed. On the highway, the streetlights and streaming car lights also seemed endless. If I could see the blood vessels inside my body, I imagine that it might look similar to that scene.

The images that we see in this world shift. On the plane, my eyes followed the flowing rivers, roadways, and railways. Then I took a train on one of the railways I saw from the plane. In the distance, I saw people walking in the sunlight filtered through the foliage. I then headed toward the museum, where I found the model of the pulmonary blood vessels. Following a map in the museum guidebook, I was drawn to a painting printed in a corner. When I went outside and looked to the sky, I felt like I was falling. It occurred to me that all those scenes might endlessly overlap to create a broader world of appearances that have a different connection than meets the eye."
2002–2004     MFA in Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts
1998–2002      BFA in Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2012    fragments of landscape, HARMAS GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
2012    Momentary Landscapes, GALLERY M, Aichi, Japan
2012    Folded Landscape, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
2010    Fragmentary Landscape, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
2009    Vast Lightness, Route to My Mountains, LOOP HOLE, Tokyo, Japan
2007    Melting Landscape, LOOP HOLE, Tokyo, Japan
2005    When a tiger smoked…, Futaba gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013    Mosaic Triangle, INSTINC, Singapore
2012    Yadokari TOKYO presents Art Exhibition vol.05 “KASUMI apartment”, Gloria building, Tokyo, Japan
2012    Unknown Life 〈Unknown Series No.3〉—Body, AYUMI Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2012    Unknown Surface 〈Unknown Series No.2〉, AYUMI Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2011    ART in TIME & STYLE MIDTOWN Vol.10 Landscape, TIME & STYLE MIDTOWN, Tokyo, Japan
2010    Toki-no-Yuenchi, Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Aichi, Japan

Artist Residencies
2013    INSTINC, Singapore

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